3 Dimensional Thinking

There are many ways to solve a problem, but often you have to think from a “3 Dimensional Thinking” model in order to solve the problem in a fashion that is suitable for the clients we experience that have collapsed timelines and high pressure problem constraints.

What is 3 Dimensional thinking many of our clients ask, and in a few hours we can introduce the concepts in such a way that they are able to implement the technique and get the benefits at an early level. One of our new partners has spent over 40 years building his expertise in this area, and it has been very exciting to watch him come at problems using this approach and find solutions that were not only un-predictable but also which far exceeded the client requirements.

The simple explanation – you have to consider that every problem has at least one more side, one more perspective than the normal points of view, and the optimal perspective is to consider the problem from the perspective of the optimal solution in advance.

Please see www.TheSimpleIdea.com for consumer solutions that have come from this methodology.

New Technologies

There have been a large number of recent announcements from www.Apple.com and others which will impact businesses and individuals globally. We expect major announcements in the next 90 to 180 days.


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Psi Thinking

Psi Thinking Ltd offers  Strategic Consultancy.

We work with companies, organisations and individuals and advise how to maximise their revenue, net assets, and position themselves in the market.

We have specialised consultants with expertise in a range of disciplines, including Electronic Marketing, Strategic Internet Targeted Traffic, Web Development, Web Domination Strategies and Leveraged and Automated Sales.

We act as a catalyst to create strategic alliances and solutions available to all our clients/associates to provide them with strategic solutions to increase revenue.

We aim to provide all our clients with the very best Internet Targeted Traffic, Development and Sales Solutions to give our clients maximum visibility/exposure through electronic marketing focusing on increasing long term capital value.

We only work with Associates and Clients who have complete integrity as we view them all as part of the Group’s family, and reputations are vital.

We market our ideas and solutions to companies who are carefully selected with a view to initially forming an understanding, then a working relationship, and if appropriate full Partner/Strategic Associate Status.

Psi Thinking is supported by Psi Pi Group and supports The Simple Idea

Projects and Case Studies

Psi Thinking™ has carried out successful projects in diverse fields such as Investment Funds, Online Trading Platforms, Charities, Banks, E-Commerce Platforms, Social Networks, Bio-Diversity, Therapeutic Sciences and Art for over two decades.

Due to the nature of client confidentiality and ongoing competitive advantages most projects, research and developments are unable to be showcased publicly on the web at this time.

In order to review, clarify or obtain details of Psi Thinking Projects, Case Studies and White Papers please use the contact form to get in touch via Psi Pi Group.

You can also apply for membership and to attend the next http://StrategicOptimisationSummits.com which we regular attend with our clients and partners.

Products and Services

Are you ready for us now?

As Psi Thinking Ltd we provide strategic consultancy services, specialising in working with Founders/Founder Ceos and at board level.

We work with the most creative, collaborative, integrous people who are committed to doing whatever it takes to achieving their goals and making the difference and who pass our integrity intake interviews ongoingly.

  • We can help you solve problems, both the ones you know about and the ones you don’t yet
  • We can help you refine and accomplish optimal goals
  • We can help you find out the facts and make an informed choice

Normal Business Terms

We require deposit for initial phase review before taking on clients, as well as acceptance of our standard KYC, Terms and Conditions, Confidentiality, and Non-Circumvent agreements.

These will be provided before or during a first meeting by one of our consultants.

To arrange a consultation by phone or in the world please use the contact form here.

Please note Psi Thinking Ltd works predominately by referral only.


Psi Thinking Mission Statement

To be able to do in seconds and minutes that which takes others days, weeks, years and decades if at all, and to ensure we produce optimal outcomes for all.


Psi Thinking™ is a subsidiary of Psi Pi Group™ and offers predominately Strategic Consultancy.

We work with companies, organisations and individuals and advise them on how to maximise their revenue, net assets, and how to optimally position themselves in the market for what we “expect” is coming, all the time remembering “Assume Nothing, Confirm Everything”.

Psi Thinking™ stands for Powerful Stimulating Intelligent Thinking. This highlights our ability to drill down with a laser focus on the direct goals at hand. It is a unique and proprietary methodology developed over decades that enables rapid results focussed problem solving and decision making.

Psi Pi Group™ is a global consulting group, and the only consulting group currently certified to operate and train in these methodologies.