3 Dimensional Thinking

There are many ways to solve a problem, but often you have to think from a “3 Dimensional Thinking” model in order to solve the problem in a fashion that is suitable for the clients we experience that have collapsed timelines and high pressure problem constraints.

What is 3 Dimensional thinking many of our clients ask, and in a few hours we can introduce the concepts in such a way that they are able to implement the technique and get the benefits at an early level. One of our new partners has spent over 40 years building his expertise in this area, and it has been very exciting to watch him come at problems using this approach and find solutions that were not only un-predictable but also which far exceeded the client requirements.

The simple explanation – you have to consider that every problem has at least one more side, one more perspective than the normal points of view, and the optimal perspective is to consider the problem from the perspective of the optimal solution in advance.

Please see for consumer solutions that have come from this methodology.